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Keymonk - an evolution of the smartphone keyboard

I have recently started a company and published a closed source application.

Keymonk is a keyboard for Android that lets you sweep words with two fingers:

It is a significant evolution over traditional sweep keyboards. Its premise is that since the QWERTY keyboard is designed to maximize hand alternation while typing, it should be beneficial to be able to sweep words with both fingers, each at its side of the keyboard.

For example, to input the word ‘make’ with a traditional sweep keyboard you would start at M, sweep to the other side of the keyboard to A, then all the way back to K and again to the other side for E. With Keymonk you may instead start with your right finger at M and your left finger at A, then sweep your right finger to K and your left finger to E, resulting in two short and natural sweeps:

Sweeping the word 'make' with Keymonk

I find it very convenient for inputting large amount of text nearly as fast as I would with my laptop keyboard. Young people seem to get the hang of it quickly.

It is currently enabled for download in English speaking countries.

The Normalized Decline of Free Software

Take a look at these two graphs from “Google Insights”. They show an ongoing decline of GPL, GNU and Linux in normalized search volume:

One possible interpretation is the decline of the desktop and rise of smart phones and digital consumerism, but note the search term PC is stable in the second graph. Another possible interpretation is that GNU/Linux people are the “early adopters” of the Internet and the decline is expected as the Internet reaches more and more people, but nevertheless I don’t like these graphs at all.