It has been rather quiet lately with Winpdb. I have been gradually getting less and less feedback, bug reports and requests either here or in the sourceforge pages. Since it is being downloaded as usual I can only assume it is a sign of maturity. Maybe it just works.
On the other hand I have [...]

A Wiki for Winpdb

I have set up an initial Wiki for Winpdb in response to a comment by BobC about collaboration. In addition Winpdb is now published as a Mercurial repository at: winpdb.org/cgi-bin/hgweb.cgi
The Wiki is about development of Winpdb. Now its up to you. Send patches, ideas and good will. Collaborate and make Winpdb better.

Winpdb 1.3.8 Tychod Released

Winpdb 1.3.8 Tychod is available for download. It includes some improvements to the name space viewer, a workaround to a segmentation fault in mod_python and some other bug fixes. The full list of changes is available at the download page.
Check this out: For the first time Winpdb has a codename. The first to guess right [...]

A Call for Contributions

Winpdb has always been a little spartan. On purpose actually, since I prefer to invest my available energy on endlessly improving and fixing the debugger engine (rpdb2). In fact, the Winpdb GUI was originally intended as a simple reference front end to rpdb2.
The time, however, has come to make long due usability improvements to the [...]

A Python Cyborg

Python is a kind of brain extension. With its help thoughts instantly become working programs.

mod_python’s Fault

mod_python 3.3 causes a segmentation fault in Apache when evaluating type(req.finfo) where req is the request object passed to a mod_python handler.
In case you wondered who on earth would try to evaluate that expression, Winpdb does, if you try to expand the req object in the namespace viewer.
But don’t you worry, there is a work [...]

The Kernighan Extension

Understanding is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to understand it.

Winpdb 1.3.6 Released

Winpdb 1.3.6 is available for download, this time with a couple of bug fixes and compatibility with Python alpha 3 and Python 2.6 alpha 1. You can grab it from here.

Who Needs Debuggers?

Judging by download numbers Winpdb is used by approximately 1 in every 500 Python programmers. Given that Python is easy to learn and use, I am still puzzled by this number.
This is what Wikpedia has to say about debuggers: “The importance of a good debugger cannot be overstated. Indeed, the existence and quality of [...]

Always Another Bug

If you see too many ‘N/A’ in the name-space viewer try the latest version from the subversion repository:
svn co https://winpdb.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/winpdb/trunk/winpdb winpdb
You can also browse online at:

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